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CIMA E3 Strategic Management - Free Exam Resource Page

One of the key benefits of having access to the Internet is the amount of free material and resources available to everyone during their studies.

In order to help you out, we've compiled a great selection of useful resources from all over the Internet to help you to prepare for the CIMA Strategic E3 exam.

If you are after more great quality free resources, go to and sign up for free access to CIMA Study Texts, Practice Questions and a Mini Mock Exam for the CIMA E3 exam.

CIMA E3 Syllabus Topic - Introduction to Organisations

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 30%

Free CIMA Strategic Study Text

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Additional benefits include:

Mission Statement:

This article gives a clear explanation of a mission statement. It identifies the key characteristics of effective mission statements, using statements from brands such as Ashland and Microsoft as examples.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

This document is a progress report on Apple’s CSR strategy and initiatives. Highlights of the report include its progress on educating and empowering workers, labour and human rights, health and safety and the environment.

This document explains Toyota's CSR strategy and structure, highlighting key initiatives. It is focused on philosophy with reference to sustainability and community. You can access the full report by clicking on the download icon.

Product Life Cycle

A case study of the product life cycle of the mobile phone. It explains the background, how the mobile phone industry has grown, market saturation and asks whether there could be a future decline.

This is a useful example in preparation for your CIMA E3 Objective Test.

Boston Consulting Matrix

A BCG article on the relevance and importance of the BCG matrix in the modern business context. It demonstrates that despite the changing environment, the BCG matrix remains important in the development of business strategy and the deployment of resources.

This is a useful revision article in preparation for your E3 exam.

Porter's Value Chain

This article uses a diagram to explain clearly each element of Porter's Value Chain and relates this to business activities.

This is a useful revision article in preparation for your CIMA E3 Test.

CIMA E3 Syllabus Topic - Leading Change

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 20%

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Lewin's Force Field Analysis:

This article gives an in-depth explanation of Lewin's Force Field Analysis. It provides a step by step guide to using the force field analysis and highlights where it would be a useful tool for organisations.


A range of imaginative and unconventional examples of how organisations have used Guerilla Marketing techniques to reach large audiences at relatively low cost. This includes Apple, Gillette and Greenpeace.


In this short video Hofstede summarises and compares the concepts of Collectivism and Individualism. This is one of the six culture differences described in Hofstede's culture model.

This is a useful revision video in preparation for your CIMA E3 Test.

Article summarises Miles and Snow theory of Strategic Cultures in bullet point format. It is in depth with regards to Defenders, Reactors, Prospectors and Anaylsers, explaining with characteristics.


In this short video Hofstede summarises the concept of Power Distance. This is one of the six culture differences describe in Hofstede's Culture Model.

This is a useful revision video to help support your E3 revision.

CIMA E3 Syllabus Topic - The Role of Information Systems in Organisational Strategy

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 15%

Study Texts for Kindle

Astranti CIMA Study Text Kindle Edition - works with any Kindle device and can also be accessed through smart phones, tablets and computer devices via the Kindle app!

Big Data:

This video gives a brief explanation of 'Big Data', summarising big Big Data into the three V's - volume, velocity and variety.

This is a useful E3 revision video.

This article defines the concept of 'Big Data', this describes the characteristics of Big Data and the development of technology to manage it. The short video shows the scope of big data and it's immense potential.

Social Media Marketing:

A clear explanation of Social Media Marketing, highlights the importance of having a clear marketing plan, and gives examples of the types of social media that can be used within an organisation.


This short video gives an explanation of Encryptions and demonstrates two different ways in which encryption is performed.

This is a useful revision video in preparation for your E3 exam.

McFarlen's Strategic Grid:

This article gives a clear explanation of Just-in-time. It highlights the advantages, disadvantages and the precautions of implementing this concept in an organisation.  Just-in-time is an important topic to revise for the CIMA Operational exam.

This is a useful revision video to help you prepare for your CIMA Test.


This short video explains and looks at the history of E-commerce. The development and key success of E-commerce is highlighted.

This is a useful revision video in preparation for your CIMA Objective Test.

*These links are to the CIMA website which will require you to log-in using your CIMA Connect details.

Interacting with the Organisation's Environment

Evaluating of Strategic Position and Strategic Options

Leading Change

Implementing Strategy

The Role of Information Systems

in Organisational Strategy

If you’ve found any other resources yourself why not share them on the discussion board below, students perform at their best when they are all helping each other out!

Other General Help and Advice

Best Technique for Passing E3

A very detailed report, specifically on E3, about how to use questions from the old syllabus to support you in your E3 exam.

The Perils of 'Practice Questions'

A blog from a CIMA administrator advicing students to get knowledge of their topics before getting into mock exams.

Approaching objective test questions

Beneficial information on what you can expect and how to approach the objective test questions.

Objective test style and format *

A helpful insight into the different ways the questions will be formatted.

5 tips on how to reduce stress and improve focus

Tips on how to minimize stress and improve focus leading up to your exams.

5 steps to success from CIMA exam prize winners

Some excellent tips on how to pass your CIMA exams.

Top Tips for Revising

An easy blog to read giving helpful advice on how to prepare for CIMA exams.

E3 Technical Articles from CIMA Connect

This is a summary table of key articles from CIMA Connect. You will find these a helpful addition to the Astranti resources above.

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CIMA E3 Syllabus Topic - Interacting with the Organisation's Environment

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 20%

60 Challenging Objective Test Style Questions in each CIMA Mock exam

Prepare for the CIMA Exams and perfect your exam technique using our realistic mock exams, written carefully to simulate the real CIMA exams.

PESTLE Analysis:

An example of a PESTLE analysis applied to Nike.

An example of a PESTLE analysis applied to Hilton.

Mendelow's Stakeholder Mapping Matrix:

This article clearly explains stakeholder management. Using a diagram to explain the four stakeholders in Mendelow's Stakeholder Mapping Matrix, power between stakeholders is measured and analysed.

This is useful for your understnading of an Organisation's Environment.

CIMA E3 Syllabus Topic - Implementing Strategy

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 15%

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There are plenty more hints and tips in addition to other information available on our Operational Facebook page. This page is specifically tailored to those students sitting the E3, F3, P3 and Case Study Exam.

Balanced Scorecard:

A very useful video that explains the principles of the Balance Scorecard and how it relates to business strategy. It details each of the dimensions of the scorecard and how these apply to the delivery of the strategy.

Critical Success Factors:

A basic introduction and explanation of Critical Success Factors (CSF). It gives a detailed example of a fictional company, 'Farm Fresh Produce' which will gives an understanding of why CSF is useful to the delivery of an organisations goals and objectives.

Key Performance Indicator:

A brief description of Key Performance Indicators and how they relate to an organisation's strategy. It discusses the importance of making KPIs quantifiable and that they have consistent definitions over time.

This is very good supplementary information to the CIMA E3 Study Text.